Thursday, November 11, 2010

I choose this article because it is directly to my term paper. I think this source can use in my term paper for sure.

This article is about how to create and design packaging, the element of design and example of packaging design. There are 3 basic element for packaging design which is color, pattern and content. Color is the first thing that consumers attention. Colors on logo are things that make products become individual. Next thing is pattern or graphic on your display. Nowadays, people turn to use geometry more that other patterns. Display and pattern show the quality of products. It should have stories in it and should be balanced. Last thing is content or text that you use in the products. It is an another key words to make consumer understand each product better. The key points to success on packaging design are look at to the type of product then dare to create different things.

Personally, I think this source is appropriate for my term paper because it relates to an elements of packaging design which is on my essay body part. This source is reliable because it is from china official newspaper website. Their writing is good. There are a lot of knowledge about design which is good for me to know to write on term paper. I should adapt some of their ideas about the way to design the packing to look more creative and the process of packaging design.

References : Hiberna. (2008, September 8). Practical small packaging design knowledge - packaging design, product. Retrieved October 14, 2010, from

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Product design affect your decision to buy

I choose this article because the information is from a student who study about design, and it look interested.

The design of product become a part of our decision to buy it. We considered that will we buy or not by not only quality but appearance too. According to Rishtee (Mariello, 2009) who is a student in University of Michigan said about shape, size, volume and color are the element of an effect about the attraction of product. Consumers decide the quality of product that it look good or bad by those elements. Her theory base on psychology that if the appearance look good, inside it will look nice too. Wherefore, designing is important for product to show what consumer think about it, and it important to their marketing too. Like if product's appearance look unattractive, people may think that it is low quality. She gave an example for good brands which their product is good-looking like Apple or Sony. These brands created and designed good image that attract many type of consumer.

I really like this article because they think in the same way like me. The content look nice too. This article talk about a student who study and interest in product design which relate to packaging design. It show what her view about the attraction and consumers. This source is from Boston University, so I think it is rather formal. The information from university should be true and ensure because it notify to many people especially, students. It must have a correctly information because it is a public website to find a knowledge. There are some part from what Rishtee said about her theory. I going to use that point to talk about how the relation between her idea and mine is. I also going to talk about what she has learn too. In the other hand, even this source is okay for me, but may be the information is not strongly enough to use it on my term paper.

Mariello, A. (2009). Design on your decision. Retrieved from

Japanese food packaging design reflects the brand advantage

The reason why I choose this topic is this article give an opinion about how food packaging design relate brands, so I think it could support my term paper.

The packaging design of japanese food product show an advantages of brands by the element of designing like color, container materials and graphic. For example, japanese green tea name Kirin, it has different type of tea, so they use different colors and graphic to show how different between two types of it. Color of product appearance show a property and efficiency of their products. The material of container is things to stimulate people to appeal and make they interesting in our product too. Style of font and text on their product related to our culture, and tell that where it comes from. Like chinese or japanese font look alike to each other. Most of them show us that it comes from chinese and japanese by paintbrush like in a bottle of green tea. Japanese try to make their own style that look unique to show their culture and tradition.

This article is rather good. Text in this news can help me a lot to do term paper. From the content, it refer about how to design a package and what the package show about. This website is chinese suppliers website, so they have to write a substances which easy for us to understand. It seem like official website in china, so I think it is trustable article. Furthermore, there are the principle points that I can use which are how can the product become unique, how the appearance relate to product and the example of japanese green tea that talk about font, style and color.

, R. (2009, June 25). Of Japanese food packaging design reflects the brand advantage - Packa. Frbiz. Retrieved October 14, 2010, from

Food design secret to success overseas

I choose this article because it is about the designing for Thai food packaging which relate to my term paper.

To enjoy food is depend on the way that they present their products. According to Suthipong Suriya (Thapanachai, 2010) who works for food industry said, "we can push Thai export food to international market by develop our packaging design, appearance and advertisement to attract people. We have to make our product become outstanding appearance to be success in world wide market." He also suggested that the design on each product has to relate to kind of that product, and givr a short explanation on the label that easy for consumer to understand. Moreover, he think, color is one of the factor to make the product look attractive, so we have to choose colors that appropriate for each product and main consumers.

This news is so so to good because it explain about main point of my term paper topic. Even it is not clearly enough, but there are some information that I can use it. For the interesting information, this news relate to Thailand and other country. In addition, there are an examples to support the news like percentage of research and fact. This source is from Bangkok Post which is one of reliable newspaper in Thailand, so I think, I can trust this article, and their writing is so good too. There are some idea that I can use it on my term paper like what food stylist gave his opinion about outstanding product that appeal people, and what he believe or his expect about Thai food presentation.

Thapanachai, S. (2010, February 8). Food design secret to success overseas. Bangkok Post. Retrieved October 14, 2010, from